Identify the health of your currently configured Dynamics 365 system to ensure your system is running optimally and will be available to run your business. Catch your system’s pain points before they become a problem and free yourself from the worry of your system going down and becoming unavailable for your critical business processes.

Audit Checklist

We review your CRM system with a detailed checklist used successfully in past audits. This checklist includes the review of, but is not limited to the following:

  • Entities

  • Workflows

  • Plug-ins

  • Web resources

  • Etc.


The results gathered from our checklist are broken down by items that require immediate attention and fixes as well as items that may be fixed but are not an immediate risk. All results contain observations of a checklist item, the risks the observation reveals, and the recommended course of action to resolve the risk. Each result is separated in a red light and yellow light system for review.


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