Dynamics 365 integrations typically include document management systems, accounting systems, and reporting engines. Purely CRM is not only able to accomplish these integrations, but is also able to integrate with other third party software and online web services, for example, integrating services for criminal record checks. Scribe and KingwaySoft are two of the main integration services that we utilize.



KingswaySoft is a leading integration solution provider offering software solutions that makes data integration affordable and painlessly easy. Thousands of enterprise clients from over 70 countries and regions rely on our solutions to integrate data with various application systems in order to drive their business efficiency and fully leverage their information assets.

We have an extreme passion about our software quality and intense commitment to our client's success. Our development process has always been customer-focused, we have been working very closely with our customers to deliver what benefits them the most. We have also made sure that our support services are always highly responsive so that our customers receive maximum benefit from the use of our products.



Proven across thousands of IT environments, it streamlines integration and provides on-premises control. Connect critical business systems without wasting time and money on custom coding. Scribe Insight gives you a robust suite of ready-to-use adapters for leading CRM and ERP applications, along with an intuitive interface to handle custom requests.

Scribe Online is the cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for IT professionals, business analysts, systems integrators, and SaaS providers who need maximum speed and flexibility. A platform that gives you the control to integrate all your applications, with an intuitive graphical interface both developers and business analysts will love. All built for the agility demanded by today’s cloud-based and hybrid environments.


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