need a way to connect your mobile applications to dynamics 365? 

The Purely Mobile Connector provides a cloud-based middle tier solution for you to connect your mobile applications to Dynamics 365. Our solution enables you to manage your data between your mobile application and Dynamics 365. With our custom solution you can choose an approval process, meta tagging, photo editing, and more.

Features & benefits

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  • Create custom business logic in a central location

  • Deploys easily to the cloud (Azure and AWS)

  • Map your mobile data between Dynamics 365 entities and fields

  • Maintain a native app experience on your device

  • Provides the ability to manage approval processes

  • Provides the ability to create custom reports

  • Provides auditing capabilities

  • Provides the ability to store your photos in the cloud

  • Provides the ability to add meta tags to your photos

  • Provides filtered or targeted data for the device

  • Provides ability to create custom user created business rules

  • Application development platform agnostic (Android and iOS)

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