From craftsmanship to artistry.  It's more than just money.

What Is Craftsmanship?

Every profession requires particular skills and knowledge.  Achieving mastery in one's profession is often what is thought of as "craftsmanship".  Arriving at the level of skills and knowledge to call yourself a "craftsman" is a combination of schooling and practical experience in the field.

How Many Years Or Projects Till You Achieve Craftsmanship?

Is it one year in the field?  Is it three successful CRM projects?  Or, is it twenty years and atleast ten CRM projects?  There is no exact answer here, but it is definitely not one or two projects and one year of CRM work.  It takes time in the game to really develop a mastery of your profession until you can call yourself a "craftsman".

What's After "Craftsman"?  The "Artisan".

Once someone truly masters their professional skills to the point that they can call themselves a "craftsman", I believe that they can still achieve one level higher.  To me, that level is the "artisan".  An artisan is someone who has achieved such a level in their craft that what they accomplish thru experience and aptitude reaches such a level that they are truly as expressive as "artists" in whatever their profession may be.  An example of this would be Muhammed Ali at the height of his boxing career.  He was so skilled at his job that he would orchestrate the whole boxing match in a manner that it was his artistic expression of how he wanted the fight to go down.  He was not just simply executing the skills he had learned during practice.  His years of experience took it to a whole new level.

My Craft.  My Art.

I, personally, have been a CRM consultant for more than 15 years now.  I've worked on Siebel, Pivotal, and now Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  I have worked on more than 20 individual CRM projects and I have partners in our firm that have worked on more than 30 CRM projects.  Are we artisans yet?  I don't know.  Perhaps our hair needs to get even more grey (or start falling out?).  I know I will be in this profession till I retire now.  It's the road I've taken.  It's the road my business partners have taken. 

Are you an artisan at your craft?  Is it about more than money at this point?  I know I LOVE my art at this point.