From back office to the front office

IT Is No Longer Relegated To The Back Office

Times, they are a changing.  It was not that long ago that we all thought of IT as merely a cost saver in back office operations.  It was relegated to running the infrastructure that a company was based upon.  It made it possible to do the accounting, run the shop floor, or handle the phone systems.

CRM Plays A Key Role In The Future Of IT

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems truly helped to take IT out of the back office and move it over to the sales side of the business equation.  It enabled organizations to better focus on their customers, to understand their needs thru the buying cycle, and provide better customer support.  CRM became the knowledge base that helped organizations retain the organizational knowledge within the company, even after key employees left.  And, CRM did all of this while integrating with the old IT, the back office.  CRM also plays a key role in collecting all the information that will go into the business intelligence systems to help look at the big-data.

From The Industrial Age To The Information Age

The big change that we are currently in the process of going thru is moving from an industrial age to an information age.  It means that all businesses are essentially becoming information enterprises.  Some would argue that this transformation in our economies has already taken place, but a lot of companies still have to go thru this change and truly understand what it means for them.  IT has now become an enabler for businesses to achieve objectives they never thought possible before.  An understanding of how IT can help with your organization's differentiator is what will help most organizations.

Does your organization see IT as strategically enhancing your organization's offering?  Is CRM a part of that?