Highlights from an article in the Q1 2015 CRMUG Magazine (bibliography at end of this post).

Favourite New Features And Why

  • "The expansion of business rules so Users have more opportunities to avoid writing JavaScript is huge win.  Not many Users want to miss with that."
  • "The expanded server-side processing of Business Rules can also eliminate the need for plug-ins in some cases."
  • *"... a new preview feature on the tablet client for iOS and Android that allows frames and web resources to be used ... allows for a wide array of possibilities for integration with other line of business applications or mash-ups with other services"

What Users Will Love The Most

  • "There aren't as many clicks or back and forth in terms of the User interface ..."
  • "The simple act of putting the advanced find and access to the multi-entity search on the main navigation so that they can launch it from anywhere is very basic, but it's a very useful benefit ..."

What Won't Be As Popular Among Users, But Really, Just As Important

  • "Calculated fields and roll-up fields will allow Users to apply extended logic and calculations without the need to write accompanying code ... We used tho use plug-ins for this, but they weren't as flexible."

What Advice Can You Share ... About Upgrades To Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

  • "Make sure any custom code is up to date, including all third-party solutions, before you start your upgrade."
  • "Be aware that solutions exported from a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 environment won't import into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015."
  • "Don't rush your upgrade over a weekend and expect to be up and running that Monday."


Lattimer, Jason, and Carsten Groth. "New Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015." Comp. CRMUG. CRMUG Magazine Apr. 2015: 14.