Daniel B. Kline recently wrote an article for The Motley Fool where he quotes Satya Nadella in a letter he wrote to Microsoft employees ...

First, we will reinvent productivity services for digital work that span all devices. We will also extend our experience footprint by building more business process experiences, integrated into content authoring and consumption, communication and collaboration tools.
— http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/06/30/4-things-satya-nadella-plans-for-the-future-of-mic.aspx

And ...

All these experiences will be powered by our cloud platform — a cloud that provides our customers faster time to value, improved agility and cost reduction, and solutions that differentiate their business.
— http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/06/30/4-things-satya-nadella-plans-for-the-future-of-mic.aspx

This puts Microsoft Dynamics CRM clearly in the role of playing a platform.  This is good news.  We are finally seeing a direction provided by Microsoft leadership and it is generally in line with the direction that the tech community would like it to go on.

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