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Integrating SquareSpace and Microsoft CRM for Lead Generation

Integrating SquareSpace and Microsoft CRM for Lead Generation

Integrating SquareSpace with CRM ...

Purely CRM has been using Microsoft Dynamics CRM from its' beginning to manage their customer relationships, leads, and opportunities.  A recent addition that has been done is the integration of their website, hosted by SquareSpace, with the CRM to manage incoming leads.

Alan Ashton, Solutions Architect for this functionality, comments ...

"The idea was to leverage the power of Dynamics CRM with the ease of use of SquareSpace.  The website leads are now sent to Dynamics CRM and Dynamics CRM creates the lead inside its' system with the relevant fields from the original website contact filled in on the lead.  This means that there is no longer a need to manage the leads in multiple places (i.e., once on the website and then another time in the CRM).

On Architecting the Solution ...

Although the solution built is using SquareSpace and Microsoft CRM, the solution was architected in a manner that could bring over the leads from any form of website.  The intent was not to limit the solution to SquareSpace, but to build an all encompassing solution.

Email Purely CRM if you'd like to know more.

Hello World

"Hello world" is such an evocative phrase in technology circles. It conjures up images through time centric to the verb "new".  Going all the way back through time to your first ever computer. Mine was a Sinclair Spectrum. At the age of 14 I was pumped to find myself lucky enough to own one. I remember feverishly unpacking the device, attaching the cables and hooking it into the television set, much to the chagrin of my mother who really just wanted to watch the afternoon soaps.

I vividly remember getting out the manual and diving straight into the programming section. Within but a few moments I had enough information for my first ever delve into the all new, shiny and exciting world of programming;

10 PRINT "Hello World"
20 GOTO 10

Then with feverish anticipation for the event that in my mind could only be on equal technological terms to the space program, I hit the run key and watched with awe as the screen filled with the words "Hello World"

And so for me and many like me the term, "Hello World" is synonymous with new beginnings and that may be a good segue to welcome you to Purely CRM.

Purely CRM
It started as many of these things start. A small group of friends, colleagues and peers debating what is wrong in our small part of the IT industry. From these small backroom discussions we decided that things should be simple and that life for both our customers and ourselves should and indeed could be better.

The problem of focus came up repeatedly during our discussions. What would the world look like if each of us focused 100% on CRM? Take away all the inevitable noise of a practice that deals in many different and disparate areas. Take away the frustration of dealing with that noise and let the delivery team and the sales executives take up any new challenges knowing that they are always putting their CRM customers first.

And so ...
Purely CRM is 100% focused on CRM. We do not do anything else. CRM is what we do, full stop.

Also appearing frequently during our discussions was the quality of the core of the team and its people. We had all worked on projects where we did not always have the right people. We had all stood in as one of the other roles in a project just because the right people are not always available. This can be managed when you have experienced people but we wanted to offer our customer something better.

There are many reasons why one person may have to wear many caps on a project but this can lead to ineffective burning of a client’s budget. This is the budget that our clients trust us with.

And so ...
Purely CRM will have a team of people that can cover all the roles of a typical project. We will foster excellent communications and team spirit. Our projects will have the right people in the right roles. Where this is not possible we will make available the experience of the core team members.

Purely CRM believes that this is critical. That each project should have experienced CRM Professionals working on it.

Our core team has somewhere in the region of 60 years of experience in the IT Industry and 50 years of experience specifically with CRM.

We believe that we are different and we believe that we can make a difference. More specifically, we believe that we can make a difference to your project, to help you turn your vision into reality. We will achieve this by bringing our CRM focus, our people and our vast experience to bear.

So welcome to the beginning of our journey, we hope that you will bookmark this blog. We have some exciting plans for what will come after this but you will need to keep watching this space. Join us on our journey in what we are convinced is one of the most exciting things to happen in the CRM space in Canada. We are incredibly excited and we would like to share this excitement with you.

Hello World …. 

The Purely CRM Team