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What Has Microsoft Unveiled Now?!

What Has Microsoft Unveiled Now?!

What is it this time?

Well, I am glad you asked! Microsoft has just unveiled a new AI-Driven Application for Dynamics 365. It will be powered by Azure AI, and these integrated AI capabilities will allow every employee in their respective company’s to execute AI real for their business.

What are the benefits?

To start here is a small list that features some of the new benefits:

  • Advance machine learning models that can help with situations such as demand forecasting, fraud detection, or recommendations, by utilizing Azure Machine Learning.

  • With Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service organizations can combine vision, language and speech understanding abilities into AI applications and bots.

  • Build knowledge-mining solutions to make good use of untapped information in their content and documents by utilizing Azure Search

Where can you find more information about the benefits you can have?

Click this link to learn more!

Happy Tuesday!

Gurkirat Athwal

Purely CRM

What Will Replace Voice of the Customer?!

What Will Replace Voice of the Customer?!

Hmmm.. What will Microsoft do now that voice of the customer has been deprecated?!

Have no fear because Forms Pro is here! Forms Pro is now available to capture your customer feedback by using surveys. If you are worried about if you can still use the old voice of the customer, you have till July 1, 2020 to create and distribute new surveys and collect responses from live surveys.

As expected, with the release of Forms Pro that Microsoft have announced that Voice of the Customer is being deprecated.
— Microsoft Dynamics Community

Here is a link showing you the ins and outs of Forms Pro:

Happy Tuesday

Ron DeGiusti

Purely CRM

Do You Know What's Leaving Us In October?

Do You Know What's Leaving Us In October?

Microsoft Is Deprecating The Legacy Web Interface

The traditional way that you access Dynamics 365 CE is through the classic interface on the web.  Microsoft now has a new method using the unified interface.  The unified interface means that your forms will work equally as well on tablets and phones.

Another important thing to note is that they are discontinuing the classic/legacy interface very soon.  Microsoft has announced they do not plan on investing in the legacy interface anymore, as their focus shifts towards the new unified interface.

Why Should You Transition to The Unified Interface?

Microsoft published these stats that put the unified interface at a higher pedestal than the legacy.

Microsoft says its deprecation of the legacy web interface is likely to be announced in October 2019

Microsoft's New "Chromium powered" Edge Browser

Microsoft's New "Chromium powered" Edge Browser

It’s Finally Here

Microsoft announced last December that it would be releasing a new version of their Microsoft Edge browser based on Google’s Chromium. Well, you can now download a version of the browser in preview mode. I’ve been playing with it for the day and it has been stable for me so far.

How To Install It

If you want to try out the new Microsoft “Chromium powered” Edge browser, here are the steps:

  1. Go to this Microsoft website:

  2. Click the “Download Dev Channel”.

  3. Save the installer on your device.

  4. Click the Accept and download button.

  5. Double-click the MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe file to start the installation.


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