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Canadian Information Privacy (BC): FIPPA or PIPA?

What is FIPPA and PIPA?

FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) and PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act) give Canadian individuals a right to access, and request the correction of, personal information held about themselves as records by organizations.  It also includes the specifications identifying the prevention of unauthorized collection of personal information about themselves by organizations.

What is the Difference Between FIPPA and PIPA?

FIPPA is the act governing public bodies.  This would include provincial government ministries, provincial agencies, boards, and commissions, provincial Crown corporations, municipalities, regional districts, universities, colleges, school boards, municipal police forces, and self-governing professional bodies (such as the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia).

PIPA is applicable to all organizations not governed under FIPPA or otherwise mentioned in the PIPA act. They include corporations, partnerships, doctor's offices, associations that are not incorporated, co-operative associations, societies, churches or other religious organizations, charities, sports clubs, trade unions, political parties, trusts, and any individual involved in a commercial activity.


FIPPA: Link to FIPPA Act

PIPA: Link to PIPA Act